Company History

Company History

QUSAC decaf purchased the assets of a failed venture in 1995. After one year of re-engineering the facility the company began producing decaffeinated coffee. Since that time, we have evolved into an industry leader, providing complete solutions and sustainable products for big and small roasters alike in both mainstream and speciality sectors.

Since 2012, QUSAC Decaf has been commercializing our proprietary Target Specific Extraction Technology (TSET). We named the process DFE (Designed For Environment). The technology development was driven by our quest to be the most eco-friendly decaf facility in the world.

QUSAC Decaf has continuously invested in new technologies to optimize value for clients. QUSAC Decaf is presently the only decaf company in the world to focus its production on low environmental impact practices. Located in North America, we take advantage of renewable energy, recovery of by-products, recycling and up-cycling to reduce discharge to landfill.

In 2014, the Fleming family entered into agreements to acquire all share in the decaffeination company. The transaction made QUSAC the only decaffeination company in North America which is solely focused on the extraction of caffeine from coffee. QUSAC is a company focused on giving our customers services and products that integrate seamlessly into their business work flows.

CEO and co-founder of QUSAC Decaf Inc.

CEO's Message

As the global market continues to change, industry and lifestyles benefit from exciting advancements. But because this growth is often accompanied by adverse effects on the environment, change is the only certain and consistent factor in the food and beverage industry today.

At QUSAC Decaf, we embrace change and use it as the very model that underlies our growth strategy. As the industry changes so do we. From our early days as a simple toll manufacturer to solutions provider for complex and demanding customers, we never stop in our quest to continuously reduce our carbon footprint. The results speak for themselves. QUSAC Decaf is the leader in our industry.

With strong confidence in our expertise and a firm dedication to investing in our company’s growth, QUSAC Decaf will continue to lead our industry for a long time to come as we achieve environmentally sustainable, effective and cost effective decaf solutions for consumers, roasters and importers.

Company's History


Facility Built

  • MUSAC Decaf founded
  • Mexican technology
  • Canadian investor


New Management

  • QUSAC Decaf founded
  • MUSAC assets purchased
  • Process modernization
  • Headed by Fleming Family


Launch DFE Process

  • Developed TSET
  • Reduce consumption
  • Recycle more
  • Reuse more
Eco-Impact Eco-Friendly